For long I searched for the right gas systems for my vehicle. Thanks to EXOGAS - Sequential Gas Injection technology (SGI), I can drive on either petrol or LPG, with the air-condition on, and still save around 40% on fuel.

- Andrew Kwashie, Toyota Camry

I used to be overly concerned with the safety of gas cars. What is truly amazing is that, EXOGAS converted cars are actually safe as petrol vehicles and save substantial amount of money. Fact is; Unlike petrol and diesel, LPG price is not driven by crude oil prices… so despite the fluctuation in fuel prices, LPG is always the most economical auto-fuel compared to petrol and diesel.

- Frank Owusu, BMW 528i

My vehicle runs on petrol/LPG thanks to EG - Sequential Gas Injection technology. I spend GHS80.00 daily running on LPG rather than GHS150.00 on petrol. Other things I like about EXOGAS is the safety, flexibility, performance, and its reliability.

- Kobby, Suzuki Forenza

The more I drive the more I save. I could work and drive 20hrs a day because the more I drive the more I earn. LPG keeps my wallet fit and happy. Thank you EXOGAS… I almost sold my car for a small less powered one due to high petrol prices. I recommend EXOGAS to every motorist in the country.

- Mike Boateng, Toyota Yaris

I drive a Hyundai Getz for my business and sometimes uber around. I used to spend GHS120 on petrol daily but with EXOGAS, I spend GHS70 on gas to cover my daily rounds. No sweat because I still have my air-conditioner on driving on the gas… my conversion cost is really worth it, Thank you EXOGAS.

- Mohammed Benji, Hyundai Getz

I converted my 2.4L Saturn Vue at EXOGAS about a year ago and haven’t regret ever since. My best experience was when I drove from Akosombo to Tamale, I filled my gas tank for GHS160 to start my journey and the gas finished a few kilometers after kintampo. My air-conditioner was on and I even drove extra miles around Suhum, Manye, Kumasi through to Tamale… I only drive on gas most times rather than petrol.

- John, Saturn Vue

My car is a Pontiac Vibe and a GHS100 petrol runs 180km. I converted with EXOGAS and now a GHS100 gas runs 300km. The engine performance is same as on petrol and the car requires less servicing and engine oil change. The fuel flexibilty is also effective, I can choose to drive on petrol or gas anytime, whenever I want.

- Uncle Kojo, Pontiac Vibe

I converted my Toyota Tundra with EXOGAS and have enjoyed driving ever since. My petrol guage doesn’t react to a GHS100 petrol but with just GHS200 gas, I could drive a whole week. There’s no difference in performance compared to petrol… I’m going to convert my Infiniti QX56 very soon.

- Mr. Robert, Toyota Tundra

I was contemplating on converting my Beamer to gas because my colleagues said it will destroy my engine and I won’t be able to use petrol again yet I was spending 150GHS from Monday to Friday driving from home to work. So I went surfing online and came across EXOGAS on google, read a lot on the website and finally drove to the EXOGAS premises. Since then, I spend only 85GHS a whole week and even drive more miles when I compare to petrol. Thank you EXOGAS, I really appreciate your 24/7 services.

- Abdul Razak, BMW E46

I care less about petrol prices ever since I converted my car with EXOGAS. I couldn’t drive around on petrol all week but now, I drive with no hesitation, drive miles with no worries… just 20GHS gas could take me 3 days and even when my gas finishes on the way, the gas pressure left in the gas tank could carry me for another 20km to my favorite gas station for a refill. Really I don’t remember the last time I bought petrol and sometimes wonder how come EXOGAS conversion cost is that cheap with these much benefits.

- Kwaku Bernard, Peugeot 406

My dad’s gas car exploded right before my eyes due to a gas leakage when I was a kid so I was very particular with my Ford’s safety when I wanted to convert to gas. I heard about EXOGAS from a friend, looked them up online, called to enquire on the safety and reliability of their gas technology, and the responses I got was really insightful. After my conversion, I have never smelt gas in or around my car and the performance is exceptional… the engine runs smoother than petrol and my fuel expense has reduced by 50%. Petrol = GHS5.38/L, LPG = GHS2.70/L. you can do the math to see how much you can save but as for me I will keep enjoying my EXOGAS drive day by day 

- Ing. Godfrey Jackson, Ford F-150 XLT

I do many miles in a week driving from Cape Coast to Kasoa and sometimes to Kumasi, Takoradi and Accra. I used to drive my Kia Rio for these trips while my Sante Fe sat home due to high petrol prices till I converted with EXOGAS. Now, I drive worry-free in the comfort of my 4x4 everywhere I go. EXOGAS has reduced my Santa Fe’s running cost significantly and enhanced my engine performance so no matter the distance, I don’t have to go back to driving a small car… Many thanks to EXOGAS.

- Mr. Moses Agbeko, Hyundai Santa Fe

I am an uber driver and work around Accra, Ashaiman and Tema. My car is a 2.4L Toyota Matrix and a 100GHS petrol earns me 200GHS then it finishes. Since I converted with EXOGAS, a 100GHS gas earns me 300GHS with full air-condition all day. A 100GHS more earnings everyday I work and its amazing because my savings paid me back my conversion cost in less than a month. EXOGAS is also flexible in a sense that, I can manage my car’s performance and consumption anytime to suit my pocket… I am just a call away from their amazing 24/7 services.

- Joshua Marfo, Toyota Matrix