Engine Life & Performance

The notion of LPG reducing engine performance and life is strictly false. The performance and operational characteristics of LPG vehicles prove more favorable compared with petrol and diesel vehicles. EXOGAS offers gas injection systems for modern engine makes and models so motorists can enjoy the full LPG benefits outlined below;

>>Unlike other fuels, LPG requires no additives to guarantee high quality.

>>LPG ensures smoother running of your vehicle due to its high RON (Relative Octane Number). Petrol has RON ranging from 80-98 whereas LPG contains RON of 110 – 112, hence there is less possibility of detonation and engine knocking. Read more.

>>The high RON characteristic of LPG also allows higher compression ratios, which can deliver increased engine-power output and better thermal efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and emissions. LPG is a highly recommended fuel for high-powered engines in modern vehicles.

>>The use of LPG enhances smoother combustion. Since it is a gaseous fuel, it mixes better with air resulting in complete combustion in cylinders which means more reliable performance.

>>Engine cylinder and piston wear is reduced because LPG mixes better with air during cold starts as it enters the chamber as a gas, opposed to petrol and diesel which enter as a liquid.

>>Smoother acceleration and idle performance is achieved with LPG.

>>With LPG, torque is available at lower engine RPMs, which aids drive-ability – particularly in stop/start city driving. In some cases, total torque is actually increased.

>>LPG operations increases engine durability and exhaust life due to its clean operating ability.

>>Less Carbon means less fouling of spark plugs and points. Petrol forms carbon deposit on spark plugs so the life of spark plugs gets shorter with ever mile.

>>Reduced engine oil change regimes. Unlike LPG as a gaseous fuel, petrol passes over oil rings and washes out the lubricant film from the upper cylinder surface, causing the lubricant to dry up quickly.

>>Additional potential cost savings is gained through reduced vehicle maintenance when you run on LPG. Maintenance intervals are extended to 6,000km as opposed to 3,000 – 4,000km for an ideal petrol engine.

>>With LPG, drivers need not to adjust their driving style. Cold starting is not a problem and engine performance is exactly the same as with petrol.

>>LPG is totally Lead and Benzene free, its cleaner, leaves no residue, produces low engine noise and ensures an environmentally friendly drive.

>>LPG extends engine life 2 to 3 times that petrol due to the absence of acids and carbon deposits on engine parts. This is one of the prime reasons for autogas popularity in delivery fleets, taxis, buses and industrial engines. See Case Studies.

In Ghana, the shorter engine life and reduced performance in LPG converted vehicles is as a result of inappropriate installations performed by unprofessional gas fitters on the market. These artisans are conversant with only gas carburetor systems which do not fit fuel injection engines thereby compromising installation, engine integrity, and the vehicle as a whole. EXOGAS ensures your vehicle mimics your petrol system in terms of safety, performance and reliability. An EXOGAS conversion will ensure that, your vehicle reaps all the benefits LPG Autogas has to offer and more.