Fleet Conversion

If you are converting ten (10) or more vehicles, you will enjoy the benefits of a Fleet Package.


Is LPG right for your fleet? Your EG Representative will help you determine if LPG is the right fuel for your fleet by evaluating the benefits of EXOGAS and calculating ROI. Contact a fleet representative or call: 0553739866

We offer you

If LPG is right for your fleet, we will offer you packages which include;

• 5% off 10 cars for conversion (T&C Apply)

• 10% off 20 cars for conversion (T&C Apply)

• More exclusive packages for 20+ cars (T&C Apply)

We equip you

We will equip you with everything you need to transition from petrol to LPG, which include:

• Converting your vehicles to run on dual-fuel-system involving Petrol and clean burning, cost-effective LPG with favourable payment plans

• Providing you on-the-clock technical support

• Ensuring your transport team knows how to fuel, drive and maintain autogas vehicles safely through regular training

We support you

Regular support is at the core of EXOGAS because we are dedicated to the success of your fleet’s LPG program. Support from us includes:

• Safety training and technical support through fueling networks and EXOGAS Centers nationwide

• 2-year warranty on each vehicle converted

• Routine inspection of LPG systems and installations

Conversion Payment Plans

At EXOGAS, it’s optional to pay upfront for fleet conversions.

We offer excellent financing options designed for privately owned and public vehicle fleets. Both financing options offer favorable terms that, in most cases, enable the fleet to offset their payments through fuel cost savings.

To obtain more detailed pricing information for your fleet, or for more information about financing options available at EXOGAS, call: 0553739866 or contact a fleet representative.