Individual Conversion

All petrol-fuelled vehicles can be converted at EXOGAS. We convert your vehicle for as low as GHȻ 2,000.00 with 2-year warranty and a possible extension for 5 more years. Conversion cost depends however on vehicle type (car, van or truck), model & make, engine type, engine capacity and size of gas tank selected. Installations with larger tanks are more expensive but means increased range between fills.

See how much you can save on fuel cost with an EXOGAS conversion. Calculate Here.

At EXOGAS, we give you a ‘space of choice’ to convert your vehicle according to your very-preference and drive-style. Drivers don’t adjust to us, we work to satisfy our customer’s driving need in all areas of operations.

Plus, you get to enjoy these benefits running with EXOGAS;

• High Quality Safe systems

• Periodic vehicle inspection

• Excellent customer and technical services

• Low maintenance cost

• Less change of engine oil

• More Prolonged engine life

• More miles per liter (a refill could take you 300 – 1000km)

Visit any EG Centre near you to learn more about our systems and conversions to assist you choose the right specification for your vehicle... Or you can contact us with any questions you may have and we will guide you in choosing what is right for your vehicle.

Another one of our special services is ‘PickMeUp’ – In situations where customers may not be able to drive to any of our centers, Our Transport Team shall assist move vehicles to us and return back to you converted on the same day. Do well to select ‘PickMeUp’ during your registration if you need to and we will get back to you with the necessary arrangements as soon as possible.

Register to convert today and we will get back to you with your conversion cost and other details before you proceed with any of the payment options convenient to you.

For further information, questions, concerns, or comments? Please contact us or call: 0553739866

Conversion Payment Plans

At EXOGAS, we offer excellent payment options designed for your vehicle(s) conversion outlined below;

EG Pay2Convert: Pay direct at any of our banking partners near you. You only need to register and we will reply to you details of your conversion with which you print, make deposit at any of our bank branches near you, and bring to us the deposit receipt together with your registration document for confirmation. After which we convert, calibrate, test and deliver your vehicle back to you, in 6hrs-2days depending on the type of vehicle.

EG PayOnline: Register, confirm your conversion details by email and click ‘Pay Online’, complete a payment form and you will receive an email of payment confirmation. Print out your payment confirmation and drive to any EXOGAS Centre near you for your conversion. This payment option is online only.

EG PayOnCredit: Convert your vehicle via credit support with which you payback over an arranged period of time. This option enables the vehicle to offset payment through fuel cost savings. (Terms & Conditions Apply).

To obtain more detailed pricing information for your vehicle, or for more information on payment options available at EXOGAS, call 0553739866 or send us a mail.