Managing Director's Report

Since the introduction of autogas back in the 1980s, conversion of petrol-fuelled vehicles to LPG has been carried out by local artisans with inefficient gas systems and though this practice is risky and poses danger, some vehicle owners have opted for LPG anyways due to the economic benefits that come with it. Complains have been made by such motorists regarding safety and efficiency of LPG fuel supply associated with these practices. This is because, most of these ‘gas fitters’ do not have the standard skill, diagnostic tools and conversion kits needed for installations hence could easily lead to system failure thus affecting engine performance and in extreme cases, cause explosions.

From our research and investigation across the country, we realized that gas conversions are performed with old ‘already-used’ gas carburetor and burner spare-parts which do not fit fuel injection engine models thereby compromising gas supply, engine integrity and overall vehicle performance.

In recent times, Oil prices, and consequently Gas prices, have been increasing during which period, LPG supply continued to grow in the country. We have seen quite a few deferrals of capital expenditure by LPG mechanics with increasing LPG refill stations while at the same time there have been complains about inefficient autogas systems regardless of autogas’ positive impact on citizens and the climate as a whole. The challenges and the opportunities of Ghana’s autogas sector in this period are to be recognized as a clean and modern energy that can meet the demands of a growing national vehicle population without compromising our environment. EXOGAS welcomes these challenges and opportunities and we have put in place measures and implementations to ensure that Ghana’s autogas need is met across all regions.

The Ghana LPG supply is considered very-well positioned as there has not been reports on shortages lately. Therefore, EXOGAS, as an official autogas conversion company in Ghana, has partnered leading gas system manufacturers and conversion specialists in Europe to bring you modern gas injection systems that work exactly same as your vehicle’s petrol injection system. Our Dual-Fuel-System enables your vehicle run on either petrol or gas, so fuel can always be reached. We perform Europe standard installations at affordable prices and offer flexible payment terms on all your conversions.

In the coming years, EXOGAS is building the ‘Diesel-gas Project’ in which we set out our planning for next year to introduce Diesel-gas(CNG) and Diesel Engine conversions as we lift Ghana’s autogas sector to a higher, more advanced level setting the standard in Africa.

EXOGAS is UNIQUE… We are the pillars of Ghana’s autogas sector and we deliver significant value to our customers and the gas industry more broadly. So, whatever your driving need may be; visit us, register for an offer and benefit from the leading autogas company that is, EXOGAS Africa.

Rexford Frimpong (Gasman)
Executive Managing Director