Our Conversion Centers

The EXOGAS nationwide operation is ongoing at our various service centers across Ghana. Each centre houses highly trained technicians who converts and maintains autogas vehicles so you may not need to drive miles to HQ.

EXOGAS Africa Location

For regions we are not present yet, EXOGAS has set up a Mobile Technical Crew (EG MobiTech) who will come to you with everything needed, to carry out conversion installations in your region. So go ahead, register to convert today, and we will get back to you with the necessary arrangements as soon as possible.

Contact us or call: 0553739866 and we will assist you through till you finally drive Clean and Green on the Cheaper and More Convenient Fuel.

Do you have a large fleet with skilled in-house technicians? Our conversion experts can train your fleet mechanical or transport team to perform conversions and maintain your autogas vehicles.

Contact us or call: 0553739866

You are just an inch away from Driving Smart in Safety