Our Sustainable Solution

Usage of alternative energy can help preserve the delicate ecological balance of the planet and conserve non-renewable energy sources to help us achieve a sustainable tomorrow today. Sustainability means more than renewable energy; it means improvement of our natural resources and meeting the needs of today while ensuring those of future generations is met. This requires a balanced energy equation including Safety, Innovation, Economics, Infrastructure and Protecting the environment. Autogas is a viable solution now because it has already balanced all the crucial energy elements as described below;

>>Safety: Autogas systems meet very stringent standards ensuring converted vehicles are at least as safe as their petrol and diesel counterparts

>>Innovation: The evolution of autogas technologies is driven by new autogas component design and improved test methods to match evolving engine technologies

>>Economics: LPG/CNG is 35-40% cheaper than petrol and diesel with further decrease in maintenance and servicing cost. Better yet, LPG increases engine life and provides reliable vehicle performance

>>Infrastructure: LPG is widely available with over 600 refueling stations and a secured constant supply across Ghana

>>Protecting the Environment: LPG produces lower emissions and less CO2 compared to petrol and diesel so it’s good for health and the environment

Some energy alternatives with great promise aren’t immediately actionable because they are not yet able to balance this value equation. However, Autogas has been an attractive alternative fuel gaining more positive response from researchers, fleet managers, governments and motorists, not only as a substitute for petroleum, but also as a means of reducing vehicle operational cost and harmful exhaust emission.


At EXOGAS, we help you make use of this exceptional energy by performing autogas conversion operations for individuals and organizations desiring to implement sustainable solutions in terms of transportation and energy. We convert vehicles to run on Petrol/Diesel and alternate LPG/CNG and offer full support to your autogas vehicle or fleet.

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