Our Systems

At EXOGAS, we perform conversion installations with factory-direct, 5th-Generation Systems way better than the traditional 1st Generation used spare-parts on the market. Unlike the carburetor and burner systems, our ‘Sequential Gas Stage LPG Injection Systems’ ensure gas supply exactly the same as petrol providing very precise gas dosage required by the engine without any complications. EXOGAS systems are fully automatic and controlled via the LPG system’s highly sophisticated Electronic Control Unit (ECU), so should you run out of LPG, the system will automatically revert back to petrol whilst driving - the changeover is smooth and unnoticeable.

EXOGAS systems come in different classes to match the given engine technology used in modern OEM vehicles, fitting all engines equipped with spark-ignition, multipoint and an electronically controlled petrol injection system. The EXOGAS System includes on-board diagnostics (OBD), the use of sophisticated after-treatment technologies and has the ability to match the levels of performance in high powered vehicles, while complying with strict emission standards and performance requirements.

We provide Gas Injection Systems for;

  • 4-Cylinder Petrol engines (<170HP)
  • 6-Cylinder(I6/V6) Petrol engines (<300HP)
  • 8-Cylinder(V8) Petrol engines (<400HP)
  • 10-Cylinder(V10) Petrol engines (<500HP)
  • 12-Cylinder(V12) Petrol engines (<600HP)
  • and Diesel engines

  • Gas Assemble Components

    Electronic Controller
    it is the brain of the entire system, reads parameters of OBD and adjusts appropriate gas dose.

    Changes gas state from liquid to volatile. This is achieved by heating LPG with vehicle’s cooling system to temperature 40 °C.

    Ensures precise gas dosage directly into engine cylinders. They are made of highest quality materials and supply gas free of impurities

    Separates particles from gas

    Temperature & Pressure Sensor
    Measures pressure and temperature of gas directly in the stream

    EG Switch
    Shows current level of gas in the tank and notifies important parameters of the gas system

    High-Pressure Synthetic Hoses
    Transports gas and water, connects vacuum and other links

    Regulates gas in tank

    stores gas

    Gas Configuration Centre

    After gas components assembly, we take your vehicle through our computer software configuration process where gas systems are activated, calibrated, scrutinized on road conditions, adjusted, checked for errors, and troubleshot in case there is any.

    This software can also be accessed via phones or tablets which enable technicians to undertake mobile diagnostics or servicing right where the vehicle is located, no matter its condition.

    Gas Accessories

    In addition, we provide optional gas gadgets and accessories by which drivers receive notification on gas and petrol parameters. More interestingly, the EG Detector is a highly sensitive device for detecting and locating leaks of gas installations. Plus, our Mobile App service assists drivers locate nearby gas refill stations and EXOGAS Service Centres, get notification on new gas system updates and events, and access more gas-driving features on Android and iOS.

    You will be driving even smarter running with EXOGAS

    Most importantly, our gas systems make, design and high-quality components meet very stringent standards ensuring every converted vehicle is at least as safe as their petrol and diesel counterparts. As such, we constantly upgrade and update gas systems and further train technicians to adapt to the evolution of autogas technologies whether driven by evolving engine model, new component design or improved test methods.

    Our Systems quality & your safety is fully guaranteed!

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