Our relationship begins the day you contact us about LPG conversions. We provide LPG Autogas education and training for mechanics, electricians, graduates, drivers and anyone else who wants to learn a skill, build a career or start a business in this growing sector of ours.

Beyond basic training, our program provides the technical, safety and ongoing support trainees need to be successful. As part of our training program, trainees are expected to perform installation and calibration on 10 different vehicle models to qualify as a Certified Autogas Installer. Also, we provide business and administrative training to help trainees better understand natural gas and the LPG market worldwide.

We provide all the expert training need:

• Operational training materials

• Autogas business training

• Autogas safety training

• Autogas installation and calibration training

• All maintenance training

• For large fleets, EXOGAS can also train your transport or mechanical team to perform in-house conversions

Upon completion, certificates are awarded to qualified trainees enabling them perform installations and purchase LPG systems, tanks and accessories direct from EXOGAS at distribution prices.

Apply now and be a part of the next training session near you. No application fee required.

Please Note: The main purpose of this training is to eradicate the unprofessional and illegal autogas practices ongoing across Ghana. Drivers are advised to convert their vehicles at ONLY certified workshops with professionally trained installers, standard systems, and appropriate tools and equipment. This is to ensure drivers’ safety and Ghana’s as a whole.