Why Autogas

LPG/CNG as fuel in automobiles is referred to as ‘Autogas’. LPG is obtained mainly from gas wells and to a lesser extent as an oil by-product from refineries, stored and transported as a liquid at moderate pressures. The chemical composition of LPG may vary, but is usually made up of predominantly Propane-C3H8 and Butane-C4H10. LPG is the most widely available alternative vehicle fuel with over 600 fueling stations in Ghana. More than 27 million vehicles run on Autogas and the numbers still growing. Autogas has been growing quickly in some countries, thanks to government policies to encourage the use of alternative fuels on account of its inherent environmental, practical and cost advantages over other fuels.
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The Clean Fuel

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Engine Life & Performance

LPG Vs Other Auto Fuels